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Gartner predicts that by 2024 most small to medium businesses and municipalities will no longer have an in-house IT staff at all. Ever increasing human resources costs plus out-of-control  versioning and security problems have long since gone beyond the point of negative returns. For obvious reasons the growth of Managed IT Services, Hybrid Cloud Storage, and Cloud-Based Computing today have all become the norm.

In 2013 data scientists at IBM released a startling statistic, 90% of all the world’s data had been created, processed, and stored in just the last two years. Since then, total data storage requirements worldwide have grown by ten times every two years and that trend is only expected to expand.

It’s also estimated that currently 10 quintillion bytes of new data are created, processed, and stored every single day. That’s more than the total number of grains of sand on earth. Our need to control the expanding cost of dealing with this wealth of IT data has never been more urgent than now. That’s our primary mission at Aformance WLI.   We can help!

Why Aformance WLI?  We’ve partnered with a select group of top, high performance,  cost-effective hardware design manufacturers in order to ensure your overall IT infrastructure and storage requirements will meet our three primary goals. An Aformance solution must always be Efficient, Reliable, and Cost-Effective. It must also perfectly fulfill your organization’s needs ensuring an absolute top-quality result.

Aformance provides all levels of IT solutions from small to large:
Our world-class team can architect, design, and implement strategies that will fully meet all of your IT requirements.
These can include:

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