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Zoe Poston

Chief Executive Officer

Zoe began her journey at Warner Lee in 2009 as the Vice President of Human Relations. Demonstrating exceptional leadership and strategic vision, she played a pivotal role in growing the startup from its early stages to a robust organization with over 200 employees. One of her notable achievements during this period was the flawless implementation of an SAP ERP system for HR, streamlining processes and enhancing operational efficiency. 

In 2016, Zoe transitioned to the role of Senior Vice President of Operations. Her commitment to customer satisfaction and operational excellence quickly yielded tangible results. Under her leadership, the company saw a remarkable increase in repeat business and a significant uptick in new business growth, reflecting her ability to drive performance and foster strong client relationships.

By 2020, Zoe’s proven track record and strategic acumen led to her promotion as CEO and majority owner of Warner Lee. Her expert guidance and resilient leadership during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic were instrumental in steering the company through uncertainty and achieving continued success. Zoe’s dedication to innovation, customer satisfaction, and team empowerment has been central to Warner Lee’s sustained growth and industry leadership.

Zoe Poston

Bart Harrison

Chief Technology Officer
Bart Harrison Team
Bart Harrison

Bart Harrison began his technology career in the 1980’s as a programmer and systems analyst designing custom business accounting software and migrating national companies from legacy mainframe computing to MS-DOS based PC networks. Bart served as Senior Programmer and Lead Systems Architect for Software Systems Design from 1988 to 1994.

In 1994 Bart founded Multimedia Programming America, MPA, a company that develops and markets high-tech infrastructure-level production and post-production solutions for the television & motion picture industry and has since become a nationally recognized expert. He also has hands-on experience as film editor, associate producer, and post-production supervisor on a number of commercially successful feature film projects, and was founding

partner in The HD Suite, one of the very first end-to-end digital High Definition production facilities in America. Prior to that Bart had contributed to the development of Pinnacle CineWave, the first Apple Final Cut Pro High-Def editing platform. He had also helped in the development of D/Vison Pro, the world’s first digital non-linear video editing system which ran on MS-DOS.

In 2018 Bart accepted the position of Chief Technology Officer for Infortrend Corporation, a Silicon Valley based manufacturer of enterprise class data storage equipment. Bart has been instrumental in helping Infortrend recognize the importance of being an overall solution provider rather than simply a hardware box manufacturer. Bart developed the Infortrend SAN-in-a-Box system which won Best of Show at the 2019 National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas, and he also led in the release of both the Infortrend GS Typhoon and CS Concerto product lines.

In November 2020 Bart left Silicon Valley to become the Chief Technology Officer for Dallas based Aformance WLI. He believes the rapid, ongoing migration of Fortune 1000 companies to edge-related Hybrid Cloud and 5G IoT has created the perfect opportunity for Aformance WLI’s world-class services and solution engineering.

Bart’s life-long motto,  “A True Solution must be three things:   Efficient, Reliable, and Cost-Effective.”

Jerry Poston

Founder and Advisor

Jerry Poston started with IBM in 1978 in Fort Worth, Texas. Over his seventeen years at IBM Jerry held a number of management and executive positions ranging from Dallas Branch Manager to Worldwide Director of Service Solutions. During this time Jerry managed a team of over 21,000 assisting client companies to grow successful IT operations throughout the U.S. and around the globe. Jerry played an instrumental role in IBM’s company-saving transition from a strictly hardware box manufacturer to the global enterprise solutions powerhouse they are today.

In 1995, Jerry left IBM to start his own hardware, software, integration, and solutions company. Over the next three years that company, EBS, grew exponentially and was rewarded by the acquisition/merger with StaffMark, a public company wanting to pivot and expand into the technology services space. Jerry stayed on as president of the public company for another eighteen months which also grew substantially in-part by his successfully executing a number of key acquisitions and strategic partnerships.

Jerry Poston

Jerry then retired to his cattle ranch in the hill country of Texas. However, in a few years the desire to grow another business took root. He started Warner Lee Investments (WLI) as a tool to invest in real estate, start-up companies, and other equity opportunities. Business friends began to ask Jerry to come and help them with issues in their companies and over a few years a successful IT services business had grown out of these opportunities. Today WLI has business in Fortune 1000 companies throughout the country. In addition, Jerry has provided help to numerous non-profit organizations such as Austin Lighthouse for the Blind, Goodwill Industries, and John Hagee Ministries.

In 2019 Jerry formed Aformance WLI, in-part, as a vehicle to seek-out a unique M&A opportunity with the potential to undergo significant growth as a direct result of his extensive services-oriented executive experience.


Director of Business Development
Kevin has served as a Business Development Specialist throughout his career. Starting as a Sales Representative in the Electrical Industry Kevin has served in various business development and operational leadership roles. He started as a sales representative in 1980 and advanced through the ranks to become a Division Director of Essex Brownell in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. He then moved to Southern Electric Service in Charlotte, North Carolina in the role of Executive Vice President.
His most successful venture was a start up company, Med-1 Partners, designing and building mobile hospitals. He served as equity partner managing the building of a unique patented medical care system. Their target market was the disaster preparedness industry and rural community healthcare outreach. The most extensive project was to supply a complete healthcare system to to the South American country of Ecuador. On the first day of operations the hospital cared for over 6,000 patients and continues to grow.
Kevin Henson Director of Business Development
Kevin Henson