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When it comes to digital media management and editing, performance and scalability can make the difference between getting that project out on time, or missing the boat. Like all data, media assets need storage and a communication medium that allows them to be efficiently transported for editing. The difference is that media assets take up a lot of space, and all that data needs to move rapidly off of drives and into workstation memory, where it can be edited. That’s where open architecture shines.


Because nothing stays the same, and neither does your business. As your media needs increase, so should your capacity to handle it. With open architecture solutions, your digital media resources can grow along with your business. Imagine a scenario where your operational infrastructure grows along with your expanding needs, scaling to meet the demands of increased storage and asset transfer. With open architecture solutions:


  • Assurance that the hardware that you depend on today will scale and meet your needs for tomorrow


  • Utilize new technologies tailored to your needs, while at the same time enjoying a return on your current investment.


Open architecture lends itself to the mixing and matching of multiple technologies, all centered around the efficient processing and editing of your digital media assets. And because it’s modular, you can pay for the capabilities you need in the short term, while assuring yourself of the coverage your organization will need in the long term.

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