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In the beginning....

With the evolution from tape to digital over the past few years,  the media and entertainment landscape requires a new and open way to approach the marriage of IT and Media. As with the transition from mainframe to desktop PC, the mandated use of proprietary hardware and applications in media is being replaced with open architecture hardware and applications that, unlike the proprietary-based model, much more cost effective, meet expectations, and actually deliver on promises.


To provide open architecture M&E solutions, Multimedia Programming America (MPA)-based in Vero Beach, Florida and Warner-Lee (WLI) based in Keller, Texas merged to form Aformance Media Group (AMG) on March 16th, 2016.


Both of these companies have extensive experience in their respective fields. MPA has been developing custom high-tech editing, storage, and workflow solutions for the television and motion picture industry for more than twenty years, while WLI has been providing IT architecture, software development and infrastructure services for over 9 years.

mandated use of proprietary hardware is great for the proprietor...bad for the customer
Aformance media leverages highly efficient open architecture in the development of cost effective solutions

Moving forward....

Aformance media group not only accepts that the line between IT and Media has been crossed...they embrace the presented  opportunity to leverage highly efficient, open architecture (equipment and applications) in the development of cost-effective integrated solutions that increase space, performance, and reliability while decreasing upfront and long term costs of ownership.

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